A marker-drawn sketch of Sharkfin.

Sharkfin is a Gillidicus from Atlantix. He was scanned from Neptune by Ben.


Sharkfin is a humanoid alien that resembles a Great White Shark. He has navy blue skin and gray underbelly. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


Sharkfin has many abilities similar to Ripjaws and Water Hazard: They are all excellent swimmers and he also has strong jaws just like Ripjaws does. However, unlike Ripjaws or Water Hazard, Sharkfin also has a keen sense of smell. He also intends to be pretty strong.


Sharkfin is also like Rath and Armodrillo: They all aren't very intellegent. Sharkfin has many other weaknesses as well, including that he is clumsier on land. Also, just a mear mention of food will cause him to go on a feeding frenzy.


AdamGregory03's fan fictions

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