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All info here is fan fiction, except his name. Nothing is really known about Shellhead except that he is a turtle and that his ONLY power is hiding in his shell (as stated by Kenny in Ken 10).
General Information
Species Testudinian
Home World Testudina
Body Humanoid Turtle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hiding in his shell

Hard-hitting Melee atacks


Shellhead is an alien that was first mentioned in the Original Series episode Ken 10 by Ben 10,000, and looks like a turtle. He is a Testudinian from the planet Testudina.

Powers and Abilities

Only heavy defense. But what Shellhead lacks in powers, he makes up for with hard-hitting melee attacks. He can charge into enemies with his shell and can tackle them as well. He can also retreat into his shell and spin fast in random directions like a wild top.


Too many to count, although he is pretty much vulnerable once outside his shell.

Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited

He first appears in F.A.I.L., where he defeats the Vreedle Brothers.

Shellhead fanart
Shellhead fan art
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