All info here is fan fiction, except his name. Nothing is really known about Shellhead except that he is a turtle-like alien and that his ONLY power is hiding in his shell (as stated by Kenny in Ken 10).
General Information
Species Carapacian
Home World Testudina
Body Humanoid Turtle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Indestructible Shell

Shellhead is an alien that was first mentioned in the Original Series episode Ken 10 by Ben 10,000, and looks like a turtle. He is a Carapacian from the planet Testudina.

Powers and Abilities

Shellhead is virtually useless in combat, being able to only reside in his indestructable shell. His shell is resistant to all forms of attacks, and not even taydenite can penetrate it or hurt him.


As quoted by Kenny, "Shellhead is just a big turtle, whose only power is to hide in his shell". Being a turtle alien, naturally, he is very slow and has horrible reflexes. This being also possesses no form of strength, speed, or agility.

Ben 10: Forces United

He Appeared in Jersey Woods and Tried to Fight the Jersey Devil.

Shellhead fanart

Shellhead fan art

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