Omniverse Award Winner!

Sol 10 won Most Creative Series at 2017's Omniverse Awards!


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Drug Use

Sol 10 is a series by Sol. Chronologically, it takes place after The Mark of the Universe. Huh. Wonder if that will ever happen.


Sol (not his actual name) is a young boy, much older than ten, who acquires a sci-fi weapon a very Holy MacGuffin (?) through various shenanigans and cliches. While he wears the watch, he finds himself in the midst of an intergalactic conflict in which numerous aliens as, well as humans, are competing for the chance of a lifetime to be the one to end the dying universe, which Earth happens to close to the center of. While on his journey to save the universe, he allies himself with a robotic humanoid named Laika and a (SPOILERS REDACTED).

He is also proficient at using commas and making very long, run-on sentences.

The Mark of the Universe - Sol 10
Main Characters
SOL (Omnitrix1 THE OMNITRIX Omnitrix1) - Laika roughLAIKALaika rough - Jules insignia again JULES Jules insignia again
Omnitrix Aliens
Brightside - YesmaniYES-MANYesmani - Foof FOO FIGHTER Foof - Alien2w ALIEN 2 Alien2w - Empty
Undebuted Aliens
Carne CARNE VALE Carne - Crunchpunchicon CRUNCH PUNCH Crunchpunchicon - Rattlebones2icon BONEYARD Rattlebones2icon - Longviewicon LONGVIEW Longviewicon - Centerfold1 CENTERFOLD Centerfold1 - Power creep POWER CREEP Power creep - Keelhaul - Excaliblur - Paper Trail - Reflektor - Teen Spirit - Even Flow - Outtathaway - Grimbark
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