Spherodroids are villains in the series Simien 10. The are hundreds of these robots, created by a machine that duplicates them. Zyrokks mostly fits them with upgrades. These are the most used drones. However, there is one special Spherodroid fitted with Artificial Intellegence that is built to be indestructible, used by Zyrokks as a henchman.



  • Rolling into a ball
  • Shooting lasers
  • Shooting torpedoes
  • Indestructible forcefield


  • Intangiblility (in How to raise your Necrofriggian)

    A Spherodroid's lego version

  • Invisibility (in How to raise your Necrofriggian)
  • Flight (in How to Raise your Necrofriggian)

(This will be filled in soon)


  • Electrocution
  • Vulnerable to magnetic force
  • Can be destroyed from the inside


They are fat-robots with a small blue force-field on them

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