The 2 Ben's are nervice about only having CopyCat and SpiderMonkey to save the whole Earth with. Realizing they would need all of CopyCats power to beat Vilgax and SpiderMonkey would have to beat the others. They head off to vilgax's ship to face him and the others Ghostfreak is the first to spot them he is easaly taken care of by SpiderMonkey. They quickly beat the others as well. Along the way Ben discovered SpiderMonkey might be the most reliable alien in the whole Omnitrix. This was realised by him when fighting Charmcaster's Rock Monsters that SpiderMonkey can spit acidic venom. In the fight against Animo he realized SpiderMonkey surpassed Animo's IQ of 490 and could talk to animals. Against Darkstar he realized he has ninja speed and stealth. Finaly the most interesting ability was revealed against Albedo. SpiderMonkey can change his arms into those of a gorilla and is strong enough to stop a Humungosaur punch extreamly easaly.  All that was left was to beat Vilgax.

To Be Continued.

Part 3 (3rd part is hour long) is called: "2"

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