Spiritualia X is the planet of Deathvoid


Planet lightemboss

The planet from the other side.

Spiritualia X is a world where dark chaos lurked. No Voyager has lived to tell the tale on Phasmonourites or other species on the home Planet. The planet has tentacles protruding like Zs'Skayr's or Ghostfreak's. The world is shrouded with purple energy which gives Phasmonourites, their power. The power is similar to radiation of the Corrodium but weaker. The creatures living there are numerous from Ectonourites to Talpaedans. The creatures are the same as Ghostfreak's world but much larger. Though Ectonourites are more popular to be feared, Phasmonourites still have secrets. The world is completely shrouded with darkness.

Known aliens that live there


According to Stan Li, the world is located around the center near the Star of Pyros, 4 million light years away from Spiritualia X. According to Gwen, the world is located around the outer edge, where it drifted across space. The two squabbling about the location of Spiritualia X is a running gag in Season 6. Season 7 in the bonus episode reveals that both of them were wrong, the world actually located inside a black hole as researched by Zeszon. This annoyed Stan Li and Gwen both.

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