Ben and Gwen are drinking smoothie. Suddenly a huge bang was heard. Ben wonders if it was Dr. Animo. Then 5 groups RNAliens attacks. Ben changes into Fire Lizard and crushed them. Later, he changes into Jetblast and shoots neuroshocks at some RNAliens. Later, he sees Dr. Animo placing a bomb underground. Before he could get it, Animo fires two lasers, when counters the lasers and knocks Ben unconscious. Thanatos appears, Ben and Gwen asked why he came to earth. Animo used a devolution bomb and has destroyed a forest and turning into twisted mutants. "Now" Thanatos said "He is planning to devolutionize Bellwood". Gwen and Ben searches for it underground. Ben and Gwen meets Dr. Animo and said that no one is going to stop him. Ben changes into Swampflame and captures Animo and destroys the bomb freeing the forest from the destruction and evoluting the mutant back into animals.

Aliens used

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Lost in Rushmore Valentine Hubbub

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