Sorry this Service is closed!
A new Art Service by Static is open now!

Why did I stop making logos? Well, here's the reason


I've stopped making logos from a long time, So orders are closed. This is a gallery of Completed Orders on this Service's.
For complete list of logos by static see go here

I also made the wiki's once hosted world mark !!!! Omniverse-Worldmark

  • Lost Galaxy Poster, another piece of coolness
  • This is the secondary logo of BTMT I created for Roads, and one of the bests i ever did!
  • chris 12 and mark 12 crossover

Thank you for Using Static's Free LOGOS!


I've been obliged by you all with so many love and respect. Thanks all for giving me a chance to serve you it has been a long time, and a great time making logos for you. But creating logos require a lot of time and patience and concentration but at this time I am not able to provide them. Currently I've a big way ahead in academic fields so I need to contribute my time to studies more than anything else for a secure future, so its no more possible. But thanks again, I'll be staying as a normal member of this wiki, leave me a message on my wall if you wanna talk bye :)

Static's Works
SeriesBen 10: Aliens Unlimited - Ben 10: Infinity Alien - Ben 10: Omnimix - ANGRY KITTY BOOM BOOM!- Ben 10: MARVEL HEROES - Plumber Diaries: Max Tennyson & Devin Levin
MoviesLive Action: Ben 10: Virus Protocol - Zebra
Games Ben 10: Aliens Unlimited (Game) - Ben 10 Aliens Unlimited : Dimensions Unsealed - Ben 10 Aliens Unlimited : Clash of Universes - Ben 10 Infinitrix

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