Ben wants to turn into Stranger so he gets turn and ........


Ben and Gwen meets up in Mr. Smoothy. Ben searches through the Omnitrix and finds Stranger . Ben asks Gwen who is he. Gwen said its a Intellectosapien from Planet Ultranova B. Ben decides to call him Stranger. Later, Sunder attacks. Unknown what to do, Ben transformed into Stranger...... uhh! Ben is Jetblast! Later, Sunder was defeated no thanks to Stranger. Later, he battles Sploot and Albedo but ends up Deathvoid and Swampflame . Later, he battles Inkursians and Vulkanus and gets Cerebellum and Energybender . Later, at his home, he transforms into Stranger. Later, he is floating and finds three boys of his age, who are Equity, Necessity and Revenge. Angered, not to tell him where he is, he finds Chesire Cat.

Equity explains calmly that to get out you must battle a test. Revenge explains that Ben must find Pyrosaur, the god of this world. Pyrosaur and Ben attacks, Ben is in Stranger form so he communicates with his three natures and defeats him. Meanwhile Ben wakes up and uses Stranger to battle Sploot and Charmcaster.


Ben:Who's he?

Gwen: He is an Intellectosapien from Planet Ultranova B

Ben: How did you??
Gwen:Look at the watch.


  • Jetblast
  • Deathvoid
  • Swampflame
  • Cerebellum
  • Energybender
  • Stranger
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