• Flying
  • Camoflouge
  • Sonic screams


Home World: Kierant

Species: Dynrasbi or Dynrasbians

Language: Draybrair

Planet Information: Kierant is a waste land planet, with the Dynrasbians with it's only living Organisms, and they have 3 Moons "Corlibis" there yellow moon, "Dreversub" there red moon, and "Galwha" there green Moon.

Specie Information: The Dynrasbians with no water but luckily the Dynarasbi don't survive on water they use Sisethsyoto the Opposite of Photosinthesis so they make food from moon light. The Dynarasbians are te only species in there galaxy to have never evolved and Galvin mythologist's think by the time thet evolve 372 between 476 species will be extinct.

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