Sugistone is a Crystalsapien from MorOtesi and the bravest one of Demonstar's henchmen. He is the only one of Demonstar's henchmen able to defeat Fred.

Species: Crystalsapien
Home planet: MorOtesi
Body type: Crystalline humanoid
Abilities: Enhanced durability, ultraviolet energy projection and absorption, regeneration, flight


Sugistone is a super dense silicon life-form able to absorb energy like a conductor and channel it into laser blasts or less-intense natural light. He can also allow it to pass harmlessly through his body via refraction which can also be blasted back at the foe. He can seemingly produce blasts without having to absorb energy, though it may be due to absorption of radiant energy like sunlight, or streetlamps or just ambient energy. Sugistone also possesses some degree of super-strength, as he was able to easily overpower Fred.


Sonic Screams break him apart and cannot regenerate.

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