Ben 10 Aliens Unleashed --- Survive

Ben 10 Aliens Unleashed Survive!

Survive is a new alien Ben will use in episode 23 Hot Blooded Interstrictor Survive when Ben goes to turn into Rath , the Ultimatrix goes haywire and he ends become his favorite alien , Survive


Survive is almost the polar opposite of any alien . He believes that the only way to achieve victory is to do so as a team. He despises solo actions and has a very unpleasant impression of Rashel Kelly , who prefers to do just that. Survive desperately wants to have Rashel Kelly placed under his leadership and retrained as a team-player. The opportunity for this has yet to arise.

His buddy drone is Dead Zone , a reconnaissance scout who can communicate wordlessly with Survive using a special sound wave. They have a good relationship, but sometimes fight over who goes first in battle.

Joseph 10: Super Omniverse

It has been rumored that Survive will reappear in Super Omniverse.

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