General Information
Species Dimenshee
Home World Dervios
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Teleportation
Enhanced Tracking
Teleportal is a Dimenshee from Planet Dervios.


Teleportal and his species, the Dimenshee, can teleport to any location thanks to special cells in their body. They can also read minds.


Teleportal also appears in Ambrose 10 Hero Generation in Ben 10.

Tomas 10

Teleportal also appears as one of Tomas's original 10 aliens. He has the power to teleport himself and others, as well as any object. He also has Global Positioning that allows him to track anything or anyone.

Ben 10: Super Force

He now has the Supertrix on his chest. He appears in Invasion Plot to get Gwen and Kein.

Ben 10: New Age

  • Blue and Red and Green Oh My (First Appearance)

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