Tetradeltas is a villain in the series Simien 10. He is a bounty hunter with a suit and lasers that have time based weapons, enabled by Flux Capacitors and an element called Chronium that is used for the lasers. He appears in the three-part episode "Time Travel Trilogy" in all of the parts and will return in Counter-Clockwise in Simien 10: Space Race. He works for the Time Lord, a alien controlling the past, to stop paradoxes.


(Tetradeltas doesn't have known natural abilities, the listed is the suits )

  • Going back or forward in time by putting cordinates to when he wants to go
  • Shooting lasers from his gun that makes things so old that they rot and disappear
  • Stopping time with his suit, only guys with Chronium will keep moving
  • Shooting lasers that stop the thing they hit in time


  • If he stops time without Chronium, he will make the time stop completly
  • If his suit is removed, he will have no
  • His gun the makes things rot cannot affect Styrofoam, since it can't rot

Species and planet

Species: Sotoraggian

Planet: Sotoragg


He has a black suit all over him

His mask is very similar to Sevenseven's mask

On his right wrist he has a small machine similar to the DeLorean time machine's dashboard that decides where in time you will go from the movie Back to the Future.

All around his body are scattered Flux Capacitors from the movie Back to the Future

Roles in episodes

Time Travel Trilogy Part 1: The Time Paradox

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Time Travel Trilogy Part 2: Messing with the Time Stream

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Time Travel Trilogy Part 3: Flashback to the Future

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