The Atlantix Strikes is a fan episode of the Ben 10 series.


While training for battle, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin got a message from Neptune, a Gillodicus, saying that they will invade they're planet. Now willing to let that happen, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin fight them when they came.

After the battle, they found out that they were tricked into leaving they're planet by Vilgax so he could take over. Inraged, Neptune smashes down a tree and roars. Neptune then lets Ben scan him. Obtaining him, Ben renames him to Sharkfin and they leave to Sharkfin's home planet to stop Vilgax.


Ben's alien forms used


  • Neptune calls Ben just "Ben". He is the first character in an alien species Ben scanned to not call him by his first and last name, "Ben Tennyson".
  • The music when the Gillodicus were invading sounded much like the horror music from the movie "Jaws".

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