This movie is after Season 3 and before Season 4.


After the Ultratrix deactivated, Ben is grounded and leaves Gwen and Kevin to save the world. Later, Tetrax appears along with Gwen and Kevin to get the crystals made by Ultratrix which was sent to 10 planets. Ben accepts to help. Later, on Irisdesia (energybender's homeplanet), Azmuth gives Ben the Alphatrix to use it to find the Crystal. Their first trip was to Methanos, fighting Diablo and his great Stormtitan and getting the crystal from the Tree of Methan. Next trip was to Mor-Otesi after fighting Hel and her Ghostcrusher and get the crystal from Dark Meridian Tower. After scouting all 9 planets and regains the crystals, the last planet is Zvezda. Here, Ben is attacked by Darkness RNALiens and Opticoid RNAliens. He realized that Hex and Vilgax are here after some battle, Hex summoned Darkmatter, a RNAlien who can absorb Darkness and create Void since Zvezda is a luminous planet within a blackhole. Later, after battling Darkmatter, the Alien X crystal cannot be pulled out from the Void because it is stuck there. With the help of the Celestialsapiens, later, he gets it out and Zvezda gets captured in the void but with Ben's help, Zvezda was saved the Void was destroyed. Celestialsapiens takes the crystals from each planets and grant a wish to heal the Ultratrix. During that time, Charmcaster and Hex attacks the ship, after defeating them, Ben breaks the fourth wall by saying to the audience "So Benjamin Kirby Tennyson won over 10 planets and become the Universal hero" later after some punches made by Gwen and Kevin, Ben says "not a hero still a painro" and the credits appear.

Aliens used

  • Swampfire
  • Chromastone
  • Big Chill
  • Spidermonkey
  • Brainstorm
  • Echo Echo

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