About Black Light

Black Light is an artificial Zombie-maker and has a mind on his own. He was sealed in a cave in Methanos (Swampfire's planet). It first change Nadira and Liam into Zombies and destroyed the planet. It then zombified Gwen and the Ethereal Plumbers. Ben destroyed it with the Ultimate Brightness. It first appeared in Darkest Night. It appeared in Alien Storm movie. Albermech and Chaos were the creators of the Black Light.


Time Travel - Paradox shattered the minion of Black Light by going back in time to present again.

Mana - Grandma Verdona can protect black light with energy fields (because Mana is energy and Black Light is for DNA)

          - Gwen (Gwen is unprotected for her low skills of Mana)

Omnitrix - The Omnitrix is a barrier, because Omnitrix has power to regenerate Ben (in Vengeance of Vilgax) and DNAs of Omnitrix can regenerate its user's DNA. In Darkest Night, Ben was a zombie but Omnitrix freed him from Black Lights control and by attaching Ben's leg with of Lodestar's.

Sycorax - Sycorax is able to withstand Black Lights abilities by their skills and tactics of Mana.





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