Flame 10
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 4/23/12
Episode Guide
The Beginning of a New Hero
Too Fast for Fasttrack?




Miss. Howster



Vilgax Drones

King Robot

Heroes used by Flame

Echo Echo





"Oh no im late for school !" Flame exclaimed.

" My only choice is to use my aliens." Flame said.

"Here goes... nothing...." Flame said.

"Fasttrack!" Fastrack said.

"Time to run fast baby!" Fasttrack said.

"Ok good im here." Fasttrack said.

"Now transform me back into myself !" Fasttrack said.

"What the....." Flame said.


"Lighting !" Flame exclaimed.

"Im busy Flame !" Lighting said

"I can help you !" Flame said.

"Your puny you can't help,you would be killed." Lighting said.

"But I can hel-"

"Must invade Earth!"

"SHUT UP ROBOT" Lighting and Flame said.

"Just go home Flame, their is nothing you can do to help us". Lighting said.

"I will prove I can help "! Flame said.

"Omnitrix turn me into Upgrade"! Flame exclaimed.

"Echo Echo!" Echo Echo exclaimed.

"Woah"! Lighting exclaimed.

"Your an alien!?" Lighting exclaimed.

"I'm not". Echo Echo said.


"Who was that"? Lighting and Flame said.

"We shall rule the Earth and take what we need!"

"The sou-nd is coming insid-e the sch-ool" Miss Howster said.

"Lets go" Lighting said

"We're surrounded attack!" Echo Echo said.

"This is intense"! Lighting said .

"Turn into a another alien already!" Lighting said.

"Okay". Echo Echo said.

"What are you doing? Lighting said.

"Thinking" Echo Echo said.

"GhostFreak" GhostFreak said.

Mustin destroy humans.

"Take this you mindless robots!" GhostFreak yelled.

"... your insides are gross" Lighting said.

"Who cares?" GhostFreak said.

"I am King Robot, who are ye?" King said.


"Taste Lasers" King yelled.

"Ouch" Lighting yelled.

"Taste this" Clockwork yelled.


"Lighting let's go home" said Flame.

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