The Crossroads of Destiny is the 10th episode in the series Fred 40: Atomic Alien and 35th episode in all of Fred 40.


Willie parks the PX9000 on Galvan Mark II.

Fred: What are we doing on Galvan Prime.

Caliston: It's time we went our seperate ways. Metarid and I are staying on Galvan Mark II.

Jenevile: And I'm going back to Anodyne.

Fred: What about you Willie, you're not leaving too. Are you?

Willie: Well, you didn't expect me to stay with you forever.

Caliston: You had better be going. It has been a great pleasure fighting by your side.

Specurs: I can't wait till we get to Peptos XI. The food there is deeeelicious. (smacks lips)

Jenevile: I'll teleport us to Anodyne.

Jenevile teleports the team to Anodyne.

Jenevile: I guess this is goodbye.

Jenevile leaves and Willie starts crying.

Specurs: Are you crying? Willie, you do have a heart!

Willie: CRYING?! I'm completely calm!!!

Specurs: I can see that.

Willie activates hyperspace and they arrive at Peptos XI.

Specurs: I can smell the food.

Willie: Out. (kicks specurs out of his ship)

Specurs: Can Gargravarr come with me? Pretty please.

Fred: Fine.

Willie: Out. (kicks Gargravarr out of the PX9000) Where do you want me to drop you?

Fred: Drop me on Hathor.

Willie: Sure thing.

After a while...

Willie: We're here.

Fred: Bye... forever.

Willie flies away. Julia appears.

Julia: Hey Fred.

Fred: Julia? What're you doing on Hathor.

Julia: Is something wrong with you?

Fred: What'd you mean?

Julia: You're disappearing!

Fred: What?!

Fred vanishes (meaning he's dead) and that was of Fred 40.

The End




Aliens Used

No aliens used


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