The Ethereal Plumbers came across Methanos, the Swamp Planet. The Planet is destroyed and the Ethereal Plumbers save them. During the save, a black light consumed Liam and Nadira turning them into zombies. The Ship exploded and some of the teammates were turned into zombies. Tetrax and Dan teleport themselves to Earth where they explained to Ben. The Black energy duplicated himself and started turning people of earth into zombies. After a while, the villians were turned into zombies. When Ben, Gwen and Kevin were almost turned into zombies, Paradox and Azmuth save them. Paradox was consumed by the Black Light and turned into zombies. Ben changes into Angelhands and shot mana but it was too weak against the Ultimate Darkness. Ben freed Paradox and Gwen teleported them to the realm where the Ultimate brightness. The Ultimate Brightness needs powers to get out of the realm. Ben teleported them to the realm. They must help brightness to rule and become normal again.

Aliens used




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