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Ben 10 & The Master Assassins
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date November 24, 2013
Written by Tammar
Directed by Tammar
Episode Guide
Enter Assassins
The Hunt For The Illuminati

The Dudesman Theory is the second episode of Ben 10 & The Master Assassins and of the franchise Crisis.


Previously on Ben 10 & The Master Assassins...

[Scenes of the previous episode appear as the dialogue commences.]

Max: There's this new group... a team... of assassins... The Master Assassins...

Rook: I have never heard of them before.

Leader: You cannot beat us.

Leader: Magister Patelliday, you have failed this universe.

Ben: I let Patelliday die, I was too late... we have to stop these guys.

[Episode begins.]

[Ben, Kevin, Gwen, and Rook enter the Plumbers Base. Max was there.]

Max: Everyone, listen up, we gotta do this fast.

Kevin: What's going on?

Max: We've been trying to get a trace on The Master Assassins for a while and we've found something.

Gwen: What is it?

Max: Their next target is Rad Dudesman.

Rook: What could they possibly want with Rad Dudesman?

Max: He's into some pretty big stuff, Rook, and I'm talking about the black market. Y'all best get to him before they do.

Ben: Where is he?

Max: He was seen in Undertown yesterday. Go look for him..

Ben: Got it.

[Intro starts playing.]

BTFF TV. presents

An original Tammar, Inc. production

Starring the voice talents of

Yuri Lowenthal

Greg Cripes

Ashley Johnson

Bumper Robinson

and Paul Eiding

Ben 10 & The Master Assassins

[Intro ends]

[The gang were shown walking in Undertwon]

Ben: This is hopeless. Where are we gonna find Rad in all of Undertown?

Kevin: Your grandpa did mention he was in the black market.

Gwen: Exactly. The black market doesn't have a location.

Rook: Perhaps we should split up, that way we can cover more ground.

Gwen: You think that's a good idea?

Kevin: I don't see the harm of it.

Ben: Alright, we'll meet back here in half an hour.

[They all go in diffrent directions. Rook goes into a bar like store. It was empty. He sits on the bar table and looks at the owner. He takes out his badge.]

Rook: Rook Blonko of the Plumbers. I am here to investigate. Tell me, have you heard of the duck-like alien called Rad Dudesman?

Owner: Gee, I don't know. Lemme tell ya a thing or two, kid. You're sitting on my chair. You buy a drink, you're a customer and you might get some info. You don't buy anything, then you're just hogging a place where a customer could be sitting.

[Rook and the owner stare at eachother for two seconds. Rook sighs. He stands up and leaves. The scene shifts to Kevin.He was walking in the street. He sees a guy who was the species of The Worst.]

Kevin: Hey, you. I got some question. You ever hear of the black market?

[The alien opens his eyes and runs away.]

Kevin: Not surprised.

[The scene shifts to Gwen. She enters a hardware store and goes to the owner.]

Gwen: I need some information about a guy called Rad Dudesman. You got it?

Owner: Depends. I'll tell you what I know if you gimme some sugar, if you know what I mean.

Gwen: Ugh. [Uses mana to knock the things behind him on him. She leaves.]

[The scene shifts to Ben. He enters Pakmar's pet shop.]

Pakmar: No! No, no, no, no, no! You leave now before you destroy my store!

Ben: Relax, Pakmar, I just need some answers. You seen Rad lately?

Pakmar: No! Now you leave!

Ben: Fine, whatever.

[As Ben turns around, he knocks a lamp out and everything in the store gets destroyed.]

Pakmar: NO!!!!!!!

Ben: Uh... [Quickly turns into XLR8 and leaves.]

[The gang all meet back.]

Ben: Any luck?

Kevin: It was useless.

Ben: What do we do now?

[Suddenly, Rad comes running in.]

Rad: Ben Tennyson, you must help me. 

Ben: Where are they?

[Suddenly, smoke surrounds them. Assassins appear and surround them and the leader is in front of the gang.]

Ben: Oh no you don't.

[Ben dials the Omnitrix and turns into Heatblast.]

[Heatblast charges at the Leader and pushes him down. Kevin, Rook, and Gwen fight the other assassins.]

Heatblast: You've lost.

Leader: On the contrary, I always come prepared.

Heatblast: Huh?

[The Leader takes out a ball and throws it at Heatblast. Heatblast freezes it.]

Leader: That takes 90 seconds for you to unfreeze it, more than enough time.

[The Leader runs to Rad and carries him and takes out his sword.]

Leader: Rad Dudesman, you have failed this universe!

[The Leader kills Rad with the sword.]

Leader: Exit asssassins.

[The Leader and the rest of the assassins disappear in the smoke. Heatblast unfreezes the ice and turns back to Ben. He notices Rad has died.]

Ben: No... no...

Gwen: Ben, it wasn't...

Ben: I failed again...

[The gang leaves. The camera then zooms to Rad's body. It slowly disappears revealing it's a hologram.]

[The scene shifts out. The scene shifts to the assassins in their unknown headquarters. The Leader was talking to the assassins.]

Leader: You have failed today and I am not happy. As you know, we have failed at killing Rad Dudesman. He beat many of our assassins and escaped. And for that we used a hologram to trick Ben 10.

Assassin: Why did you trick Ben 10?

Leader: You see, Ben thinks he failed, ultimately crushing his confidence. That is what we need.

Aliens Used

  • XLR8
  • Heatblast
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