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The begining starts when Ambrose is at the Pet Store for a dog. They choose a dog called Yodi. They get him and take him home. Then a dark,slimy like figure is looking at a tracking device. Then their car brakes down and Ambrose turns into XLR8,and with all his might,XLR8 picks up Ambrose IV and Yodi. then Ambrose turns back and they get in the house and then Ambrose gets punched in the face and the door opens by itself and closes. They then go outside and Ambrose turns into Drillbit instead of Earthshaker and goes underground. Then Drillbit tries to sniff what punched him earlier. He then finnaly finds him and goes up and out of the ground right under the thing with his fist up in a punch form. Right after it reveals that it is Mr.Nobody. Then Ambrose turns into Spitter and spits all over Mr.Nobody and then he disappears. "Now why did you do that?" said a voice and then he reveals himself to be the villain Boogerface. Then Ambrose turns into Rath and attempts to fight him and then Boogerface stretches out three arms and grabs Rath,Ambrose IV in concrete form,and Carey. Just then Yodi comes out of the house and barks right at Boogerface and then Boogerface yells what are you doing stop. Then Boogerface lets go and falls then Ambrose turns into Ultimate Rath. Then Ultimate Rath beats up Boogerface real bad. Then,when Boogerface is defeated,Ambrose turns back to human and Yodi runs to them and Carey asks how did you do that. Then yodi suprisingly spoke and told her how. Then at the end, they turn Boogerface into the plumbers and the family go back into the house.

Characters and Aliens Used

The characters are Ambrose,Ambrose IV,Carey,Yodi,Lynnette,Omar,Boogerface(first appearance),and Mr.Nobody. The aliens used are XLR8,Drillbit,Rath,Ultimate Rath,and Spitter.

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