The Scene starts with a Japonicus Karatian tried to plague his land to get himself to becoming a Shogun ruler. Feudalia 2 was plagued by a group of Bandits who called themselves as Bansheena. Amenos Koyana, the Shogun King of Feudalia 1 went to Terra (earth) where he asked Ben for help. Ben along with Kevin and Julie went to Feudalia 1. The Japonicus Karatian was reveal to be a Samurai called Susanoo. Ben changes into Humongasaur and crushed Susanoo. But this accidently caused the Temple of Tsukoyomi to fall. The Aliens angered at Ben and throw rocks and stones. Ben changes into Way Big and flew away into the space in shame!

Aliens used


Big Chill

Echo Echo

Way Big




Way Big can fly!

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