Plumber games


This is the long awaited Plumber Games! Wooo!


  1. Chrono-Chronosapien-Spiked Mace - Portrayed by Chrono.
  2. Dan. Awesomekat (decreased power). Sword. Dan
  3. Sierra. Sonorosian. Knife. Sierra
  4. Solo. Galvanic Mechamorph. Sword. Solo
  5. Munchy. Munchlax. Throwing Star. UEEF09
  6. Rocketslug. Merlinsapien. Poison blow darts. Rocket
  7. Sci100. Changoalien. Sword. Sci
  8. Anonymous. Crystalsapien. Ascalon (decreased power). ABR2.
  9. Bart. Citrakayah. Trident. Bart
  10. Draka. Robot. Kross
  11. Bike. Gourmand. Spear and Shield. Bike
  12. Buki. Tetramand. Zanbato. ABH
  13. Weegee. Appoplexian. Kronus Chain. Paper
  14. Farenheit. Pyronite. Axe Jack
  15. Rob. Merlinisapien. Sword + Axe Rob
  16. Seadagger. Piciss Volann. Ascalon clone (decreased power). Toon
  17. Jake. Merlinisapien. Flaming Bow and Arrow. ET
  18. Sitka. Citrakayah. Twin katanas. Hyper
  19. Ten Fan. Chimera Sui Generis. Tenn
  20. Boomer. Sonican. Diamond Sword and diamond shield N8
  21. Water. Splixson. Bow and Arrow. H20
  22. Figy. Crystalsapien. Throwing Knives + Bow and Arrow. Figy
  23. Brian. Necrofriggian. Sword and Bow. Brian
  24. Zon. Polar Manzadill. Frost Sword. ZONNY BOI

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