Timelapse is Chorosian from the planet Chorosia.He is the fourth strongest alien Fred has.

Species: Chorosian
Home planet: Chorosian
Body type: Humanoid
Abilities: Time Manipulation and Energy Balls projection.


- A body suit, coupled with Timelapse's unique alien physiology, allows the him to easily break the confines of the space time continuum, and manipulate time at a very precise level. This includes pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding time. - Somewhat enhanced strength - Proficiency with weaponry, high-tech gadgetry, and hand to hand combat.


- Timelapse's suit is a highly complex bio-mechanical device, and as a result, is quite susceptible to damage. Blunt force trauma, water, and intense heats are shown to cause some of the most damage to the suit. - If the suit is damaged, Timelapse's time powers can be thrown out of whack, or even rendered non-existent.

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