This is the 5th episode in Ben 10:Ultimatrix Overdrive!

In this episode while playing Sumo Slammers Online Ben goes upgrade to try and cheat,but it ends up with him being transported in to the game with only some armor,a sword and Grey Matter as his only alien.Now Ben must find a way to get out.Suddenly he gets attacked by a group of samurai!Ben goes Grey Matter to try and dodge the attacks.He goes into a crack in the hill!Suddenly the Ultimatrix beeps and Ben goes Samurai and is forced out of the hole!Then Ben gains this amazing ability and destroys all the opponents and wins the game!Then he is teleported out and is sitting on his couch with his laptop!




The Samurai Warriors

Aliens Used


Grey Matter



Ben(After Getting out of CyberSpace):Let's do that again!


This episode is similar to Game Over.

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