Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse
Season 0, Episode O-15
Air date 21/1/2013
Written by UltiVerse
Directed by UltiVerse
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In hyperspace, a very weak and withered Aggregor with white hair floats in the air. Eon teleports in, changing Aggregor to his normal age and covering him in an energy sphere.

(Aggregor): Who are you?

(Eon): Eon. I have changed you back for a request.

(Aggregor): I don't serve, I rule.

(Eon): This is a partnership, I'm not the leader here.

(Aggregor): Fine. What do you need?

(Eon): Ben Tennyson dead.

Meanwhile, Ben and co are at Bellwood Town Square, where people are playing Dunk Ben 10.

(Gwen): Somehow, I could watch this over and over again.

(Ben): Hey!

He gets dunked by a girl.

(Ben, underwater): Not funny.

He comes out of the water.

(Boy): Do Molestache!

Ben transforms.

(Molestache): Molestache!

The boy throws the ball at the target, dunking Molestache.

(Molestache, underwater): I hate this!

Molestache comes out of the water.

(Kevin): Do a new guy!

Molestache transforms.

(Gigablast): Gigablast!

(Kevin): This is gonna be good.

Meanwhile in Aggregor's ship, Eon and Aggregor are discussing something.

(Aggregor): We have to figure out a way to lure Tennyson.

(Eon): Send down Tennyson Destroyers, preferably human.

Aggregor presses buttons on the control panel, and a few human Tennyson Destroyers arrive at the scene.

(Aggregor): Go to Earth and attack Ben Tennyson.

During that time, kids are still playing Dunk Ben 10, with Ben still Gigablast.

(Gwen): I'm gonna go look for trouble.

She walks off, with Rook at her side.

(Rook): Pardon me for following you, Miss Tennyson.

(Gwen): I don't mind at all.

They soon reach a Mr. Smoothy location, where the human Tennyson Destroyers stand boldly.

(Rook): Greetings, humans.

The Tennyson Destroyers surround Gwen and Rook.

(Gwen): Why are you doing this?

A Tennyson Destroyer punches Gwen, who defends herself with a karate move.

(Rook): Miss Tennyson, I plead you call Ben-Dude!

During that time, Ben is talking to Kevin, still at Bellwood Town Square.

(Ben): Did you have to dunk me?

(Kevin): Just trying to be a good sport.

Ben's phone rings and he answers it.

(Ben): Hello?

(Gwen, from the other side of the phone): Ben, get to the nearest Mr. Smoothy. There's something you have to see.

(Ben): I'll be there.

He hangs up.

(Boy): Hey, it's time for you to go back to the tank.

(Ben): Sorry, kid. I have a sitch to handle.

He transforms.

(Astrodactyl): Astrodactyl!

He picks Kevin up and flies away. After five minutes, he sees Gwen and Rook, covered in a mana dome, surrounded by Tennyson Destroyers.

(Kevin): There!

He lands on the mana dome, which fades, with Kevin dropping on the ground.

(Astrodactyl, as Kevin gets up): What's going on?

(Rook): These humans may be Tennyson Destroyers.

(Kevin): Maybe so.

The Tennyson Destroyers start punching Gwen, Kevin and Rook, who keep dodging.

(Kevin): Whoa!

(Gwen): Hey!

(Rook): Humans are naturally weak. If you do not request physically offending them, it may be a little difficult to remove the headbands!

(Astrodactyl, landing): You're right.

He reverts back to Ben.

(Ben): Hey, it's Ben. Ben Tennyson, the most famous hero, like, ever?

A few Tennyson Destroyers carry Ben, running away.

(Ben): Put me down!

(Gwen): Ben!

The Tennyson Destroyers continue attacking Gwen, Kevin and Rook. Later, Ben awakens in Aggregor's ship, weak and chained.

(Ben): Aggregor's...ship...but-but how? I trapped him in hyperspace.

Eon arrives at the scene.

(Eon): That's right, you trapped him. Past tense.

(Ben): What are you doing in Aggregor's ship?

(Eon): That's classified.

Aggregor comes out from the shadows.

(Aggregor): Right now you should be worried about yourself.

Meanwhile, Gwen, Kevin and Rook are in the living room of Gwen's house.

(Rook): Why would humans desire to abduct Ben-Dude?

Silence fills the room.

(Rook): Aha! They must be Tennyson Destroyers!

(Kevin): No duh.

(Gwen): Let's take the Rust Bucket III to Aggregor's ship.

(Kevin): Uh, it got destroyed in the last fight. Still under maintainance.

(Rook): May we take the newly-built Proto-TRUK?

(Gwen): Might as well.

Later, the Proto-TRUK is launching into the sky, with Rook and Gwen sitting down and Kevin standing. They see Aggregor's ship.

(Kevin): Park your ship somewhere.

Inside Aggregor's ship, a big laser pointer powers up, and Ben is seconds away from near destruction. Suddenly, Gwen, Kevin and Rook crash in through the ceiling, causing a hole. Gwen breaks Ben's chains with mana, and Ben transforms.

(Articguana): Articguana!

He goes Ultimate.

(Ultimate Articguana): Ultimate Articguana!

(Aggregor): Impossible.

Osmosian Tennyson Destroyers arrive.

(Aggregor): Attack!

(Kevin): We'll take care of the Tennyson Destroyers, go fight Eon and Aggy!

(Eon): Aggy?

(Aggregor): Childhood name.

Ultimate Articguana uses his frost breath to freeze Eon, who breaks out from the ice with a time ray.

(Gwen, shooting mana at a Tennyson Destroyer): Aim for their weaknesses!

Ultimate Articguana nods and uses his frost breath to freeze Aggregor's spear.

(Aggregor): No!

(Ultimate Articguana): Yes!

He emits a powerful ice spiral at Aggregor, who falls to the ground unconscious.

(Eon): Two can play at that game.

Eon aims his glowing hand at Gwen, who continues fighting Tennyson Destroyers along with Kevin and Rook because she doesn't notice.

(Eon): Make another move and she's dust.

Ultimate Articguana devolves back to Articguana and transforms.

(Goop): Goop!

Goop wraps himself around Eon's hand, which shoots a time ray at him. Goop splatters all over the place, hitting all the Tennyson Destroyers to the ground unconscious.

(Kevin): Ben?

Kevin reverts back to human from his current state (metal).

(Eon): He was too weak for me.

Goop regenerates not too far away from Eon and transforms.

(Blitzwolfer): Blitzwolfer! Guys, get out!

The Proto-TRUK lands on Aggregor's ship, which releases a rope. Kevin and Rook climb up.

(Gwen): All the best, Ben.

(Blitzwolfer): You too.

Gwen climbs up as the Proto-TRUK flies away.

(Eon): One on one.

(Blitzwolfer): You bet.

Eon shoots a time ray at Blitzwolfer, who dodges.

(Blitzwolfer): Really now? I have good reflexes as Blitzwolfer.

Blitzwolfer divides his muzzle into four and emits a sonic howl at Eon, whose suit cracks.

(Eon): Ugh....

Blitzwolfer's muzzle merges back to one as he walks towards Eon, taking his helmet off.

(Eon): No!

He punches Blitzwolfer and teleports away, grabbing his helmet.

(Blitzwolfer): Guess it's time to call the Plumbers.

Later, Ben and co are inside a Mr. Smoothy location, drinking grape smoothies.

(Kevin): Well, Eon and Aggy are defeated.

(Ben): And I'm so bored.

(Rook): Why are you bored, Ben-Dude? You are performing your hobby, doing nothing.

(Ben): I just need something exciting to do.

(Gwen): I have an idea.

Later, Ben as Ditto and co are in Bellwood Town Square, playing Dunk Ben 10. Ditto is sitting on a plank.

(Ditto): I hate this!

He gets dunked by a boy.


Major Events

  • Aggregor is freed from hyperspace and forms a truce with Eon.
  • Molestache makes his first reappearance.
  • Gigablast and Ultimate Articguana make their first appearance.
  • The Proto-TRUK makes its first appearance.



Aliens Used


  • The Dunk Ben 10 game is a reference to the Omniverse episode Malefactor.
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