Vilgax has returned with CharmCaster, Albedo, Dr.Animo, GhostFreak, and DarkStar as his partners. Ben goes to fight them but ends up in a trap. They start to remove each alien in the Omnitrix one, by one. Keven and Gwen arive just in time to save him. But when they get him out of the trap there is a big flash and suddenly not only is Ben there but that flash made a second Ben, in the form of the 10 year old one. Azmuth arrives and tells them Vilgax and his new partners are using the power of the forms to power a doomsday device that can destroy Earth. Unfortunently both Ben's only have 1 alien each. The 10 year old one has CopyCat and the Current one has SpiderMonkey. Azmuth explans that removing Ben from the trap while it was active created a 2nd Ben that they could only become 1 again if they get every last alien back and defeat Vilgax forever. He also explians that he managed to save SpiderMonkey and CopyCat because they are the 2 most pure and sacred of all alien species and only the combination of those 2 can beat Vilgax and Co. and save Earth. The 2 Ben's must beat Vilgax and all the others with just SpiderMonkey and CopyCat and without no other help.

To Be Continued

Part 2 is SpiderMonkey's Secret Potential

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