Ben's battle with the final leader of FOTO has began, Bayouio, the Methanosian.


After stealing all the components he needed, Bayouio revives his undead teammates. He used the broken Omnitrix to open up the power generator. Meanwhile, Ben and his team are celebrating. They were playing. Ben alerts them, and finds Bayouio alive. Bayouio summons the teammates who fights them. Ben uses up the power to turn his undead teammates to stone. But not Bayouio. Bayouio summons an asteroid to deplete all life on Earth. Ben uses Worldfire to protect earth. Things doesn't look right, Gwen and Kevin gets captured and other too. Later, the asteroid was sent back into space. But the world-gobbler has return but its Bayouio.

Aliens used

  • Ultimate Psychopomp
  • Ultimate Freezer
  • Benmummy
  • Prestomonkey
  • Prestochromastone
  • Worldfire
  • Ghostfreak
  • Four Arms
  • Cannonbolt

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