This game is downloadable in PC and playable in Wii, PSP and PS3.

Levels and Mission

Bellwood - Get the Monster Juke Box and find the Ultratrix.

Albadra - Defeat Hex and get the Terraspins back to normal

Video Game World - Fight an Illusionian and return back to real world

The Docks - Find Myster and escape from his traps

San Fransisco - Find Deathvoid and get him back into the Ultratrix.

Bellwood (again) - Follow Kevin and defeat Lightging.

Apploplexia - Fight the Highbreed Burglar and fetch all the foods that the Highbreed has eaten.

Orinico - Fight the Poseidonian and retrieve the Aquamare Tide Bomb.

New York - Fight Weather Lord and escape from his traps

Museum - Find and save all the children and defeat the Mechandactyl

India - Fight Hex and Charmcaster as they unleash a Rock Creature

Myanmar - Fight the Dracopterian and retrieve the Ziggawatt bomb

Outer space - Defeat Zs'Skayr and find Ben's team members.

PC (Playable Characters)

  • Ben Tennyson - Playable in Bellwood, Video Game World and India
  • Four arms - Playable in all missions
  • Spitter - Playable in all missions
  • Psychopomp - All missions
  • Soundwall - All missions
  • Energybender and Insectelligence - All Missions
  • Charybdis - Orinico and the Docks
  • Gwen - Playable in Orinico, New York and Museum
  • Sora - Playable in the Docks
  • Kevin - Playable in all missions
  • Zeszon - Playable in India
  • Raph - Playable in Apploplexia and Myanmar.


  • Stan Li - guides through Myanmar and outer space
  • Thanatos - explains what to do and what mission, he is up to.


  • Hex
  • Charmcaster
  • Rock monsters (all levels)
  • Loboans (all levels)
    300px-Zs'Skayr in Alien Force-1-
  • Zs'Skayr (final level)

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