YOUR AWARE , YOUR USING OTHER PEOPLES ALIENS WITHOUT PERMISSION HERE. SOME BEING MINE ? ANGELHANDS AND BLOCKER Ben defeats, the world cobbler or aka Bayouio from terrorize the planets. After a week, Ben shares a birthday with Gwen. Later, a new terror rose, Vilgax returns from the pit of circles. He went to Primus and deleted 4 species of aliens. They are Water Hazard, Upgrade, Necrofriggians and Vamdebats (species - Vamprdemons). He escapes. Later, more threats appears similar to Ra'ad, Bivalvan and Galapagus and more alien refugees. Ben must encover the secrets of what's happening of the Ultratrix and both the planet.


Other side aliens

Recently Known Hyper Aliens


  • Angelhands will return, this time in the form of Ultimate Angelhands.


See Ultimate Omnitrix 2/Episodes

Each episode usually is narrated by Zeszon, Aguas or Raph. Later episodes are narrated by a computerized version of the Ultimatrix or the Ultratrix. In many villain themed, a villain would announce the episode title.


The Miniseries of this series, is the Eridanium Chronicles which involves Ben and his team helping Eridanus retrieve his artifacts so that he could be freed from the curse.


  • Eye Guy and Ghostfreak only appear in the ending song where they are seen floating beside Sora and Zeszon.
  • This is inspired by Ben 10:Ultimate Alien where Ben didn't start off as 10 aliens.