Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix 2 is the second video game after Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix The Video Game. This game tells of Ben, Gwen and his team trying to destroy Tempeter's doomsday creature who sends his own image of Ben's greatest enemies.


Tempeter creates a biological alien which imitates Ben's 10 aliens. However, Vilgax opens the wormhole and sents the creature to create Ben's greatest enemies. Ben starts with Yangon, where Vilgax frees the creature. Ben's aliens are all imitated except NRG and Swampflame so they are starter aliens.


  • Yangon (Myanmar)
  • Honduras
  • Jakarta
  • New York
  • Australia
  • Easter Isalnd
  • Dracopteran's Den
  • Cairo
  • Moon
  • Mars


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