These are all Ultimate Omnitrix episodes.

Main Events and Season 1

Season 2's main events

Season 3's Main Events

  • Have Wings, Will Fly
    • A Dracopteran, Archaean tried to catch Zeszon when he ruined his spell. Meanwhile, Ben has to deal with some elemental spirits made by Archaean.
  • Vampire Craze
    • A Nosferian fights Ben in other space and warns him of a dangerous villain.
  • One Day at Terrorland (Crossover with Goosebumps Horrorland)
    • Aguas is sent to Horrorland by Mr. X. He met with the Very Special Guests, Michael, Robby, Carly Beth and Matt.
  • Electricity Light my Fire!
    • General Zapxx invade Earth.
  • Insectelligence's Sonic Boom
    • Aphidus and Ben gets fused in one body
  • Spectral Chaos
    • Ghostfreak and Zs'Skayr fights who both goes back in time.
  • Old School Classics
    • Ben unlocks Stinkfly, Fourarms, Upgrade, Wildvine, Buzzshock and Spitter. However, Hex and Charmcaster revives an ancient rock monster under the subway tunnel in Bellwood. Can Ben save his town?

Season 4 Episodes

Season 5 episodes

  • Oh My Gods
    • Ben and the team gets invited to Mt. Olympus. Meanwhile, Phobus and his twin cousins, Moros and Olethrus planned to take down Thanatos and Ben once a for all.
  • Return of FOTO
    • Psychic Fly and Chromedome are revived and planned to destroy Tempeter and Zeszon.
  • Something to Hate
    • Zeszon and Tempeter destroyed Psychic Fly and Chromedome for three times. Ben and Aguas tried to go find the source of why they are revived.
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away
    • Zs'Skayr and Weather Lord teamed up and planned to flood Bellwood.
  • Ben Says
    • Hypnos and Phantasos willed Ben to become true from everything he says.
  • Ben 10: Dimensional Discord
    • Seven Portals have appeared in Ben's time can he close them all?

Season 6 Episodes

  • Gauntlet of Elements
    • Five gems have been scattered everywhere. The gems was made by God, Boreas to stop the world from destabilizing. Vilgax and Ben must find the five gems before the time runs out.
  • The First Gem
    • Zeszon gets lost in the ocean where the Water Gem is kept. Ben and others are frozen on ice. Zeszon is up to this.
  • Fired
    • The Fiery gem had caused Chaos in Siberia, burning everything on sight. Gwen has to face the Spirit of Fire to prove herself worthy for the gem.
  • Down to Earth
    • The Earth gem disrupted Bellwood by creating earthquakes. Aguas and Tempeter must face the Spirit of Earth to prove the worthiness.
  • Fictional and Imaginary
    • The air gem had caused Chaos in dreams in Bellwood. Thanatos opened the door to the dreams. Meanwhile, Ben and the team must face the Gem's Ultimate Guardian, a Dream-alien
  • Gauntlet Restored
    • Vilgax stole the Gauntlet and can Ben destroy him and destroy the gauntlet too??

Season 7 Episodes

  • Ghostly Simple
    • Azmuth demands Ben to give him the Ultratrix. Ben was about to or is Azmuth possessed?
  • Hostage Crisis (Part 1)
    • Vilgax held Azmuth hostage and demanded him to give the location of the Hall of Omnitrix. Ben must rescue him and activate the Mega Forms.
  • Hostage Crisis (Part 2)
    • Ben unlocked the power of the Ultimate Omnitrix. Ben must go to a planet where everything is ruled by Myster and save Azmuth and.... reluncantly Vilgax.
  • Fatal Flashback
    • After absorbing Eon's powers, Albedo went back in time where Ben first got the Ultratrix.
  • Eyes to All-Eyes
    • Ben and the others must journey through the dangerous Egrbbi, a moon on which Opticoids live, to stop Myster.
  • Melancholy Arth Thou
    • Ben must find the Source of the Universe before Myster does.
  • Seeing Blues
    • Ben and the team must fight Myster in a dimension where everything is blue.

Season 8 Episodes

  • Fight Fire with Fire
    • Ben's team must fight some Pyronite and stop his invasion to Earth
  • Identity Chaos
    • The Knight, Sir Cranium used his DNA mask thing to switch places with Ben. Well, things started to be more confusing when the other Knights did not know of Sir Cranium's plan!
  • Rise of Neo-FOTO organization
    • Sceptre, Starscream, Jellix, Omni-Triplicator and Hexcuba returns. With Ben in Khionos, the team must fight the fearsome foursome before things starts to get tricky.
  • All Waters
  • Federation of Ben's Enemies
    • TBA
  • Sons of Destiny
    • TBA
  • The Inevitable
    • TBA

Special Crossover Episodes (other than in this wiki)