Ultimate Omnitrix Returns is the first episode of Ultimate Omnitrix 2.

Part 1

Ben and his team celebrating and playing games. But everyone was sad that they have to part ways. Gwen will go to the Ivy Leagues, Kevin will apply for police after he realized that he was wrong, Zeszon will go to Kylmyys, Raphael will have to work in Viscosia mines and so on. On Primus, Myaxx, Toh, Azmuth and all his assistants are celebrating, exception of Albedo. However, the alarm sounds. That someone has deleted four aliens in the Codon Stream. That is Vilgax. He summons Galvanic Mechamorphs to destroy Bellwood. Ben fights them off but stops the Ultratrix from transforming into aliens. After 3 mins, it was able to transform and fights them off. Ben wonders who is behind this.

Aliens used

Animation Errors

  • When Ben said "Celebration has been canceled" after the alarm, the Ultratrix symbol is purple instead of blue.
  • In the Codon Stream when Vilgax extracted Water Hazard's DNA, his whole body was red.


  • Tempeter - "Celebration is really a quagmire here, look all this mess yah!!!" (slips and falls down into the tank)
  • Ben - "Have a heart to join the celebration, Tempt"
  • Tempeter - "Ugh, i have more brain to u and i'm not Tempt"

Part 2

Simion emerges from the rubble and finds himself in a cave which leads to Ben's histories. He summons Zs'Skayr, Son'r (who he meets during 12–14 years) and Speedshot (a kinetcelleran). He uses his xcrystal to summon Obilerator, a robot. Can Ben save them.

Aliens used


  • Simion - Sounds like Ben's historical musuem

  • Obilerator - Protect human and aliens except Ben Tennyson!!!
  • Gwen and Raphael - Protect yourself!!! (smashed the Obilerator)

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