These are the episodes of Ben 10: Ultimate Omnitrix

Season 1



Lost In Rushmore Black-Out and some villains took over the Rushmore Plumber Basement.
Split Second Thanatos, Ben and Gwen must find the bomb, Dr. Animo placed before it destroys Bellwood
Valentine Hubbub Gwen gives Ben a new weapon, Cupid's Bow but it caused the entire city to fall in love with machinery!!!
Beware!! Thanatos, Kevin, Gwen and Ben stumbled upon Phobus's realm. Now can they win over their fears?
Halloween Nightmares Ben and Gwen are celebrating halloween but they found an ancient artifact of the ghouls and must face the consequences.
Necrofriggian Endangered Kevin and Tempeter must save a Polymorph and a Necrofriggian from Black-Out, this episode features Kevin as main character.
Stranger in Wonderland Ben tried to change into Stranger and gets trapped in Stranger wonderland.
Rush rescue Dr, Animo zapped every friends of Ben to hate Ben.
Video Game RPG Thanatos and Ben gets trapped in Vilgax's Video game can they resist from the control of remotes?
Life of an Imposter Kevin was hypnotized by Sublimino and believes that Vilgax is an ally and Ben an enemy.
Ambush of Hel Hel made an ambush on Ben with her infernal knights.
Etoile's Lifestyle Tetrax and Ben taught Etoile to live like a human.
Dial R for Raphael Raphael believes that he is no use. But when Animo appears and zapped Ben, Gwen and the team into trees. Will Raphael be able to stop him?
Yesterdays are histories Thanatos caused Hel and Vilgax to go back in time where they destroys Ben's past Omnitrix, Alien Force Omnitrix and Future Omnitrix which is the Ultimatrix. Thanatos must save Ben's past before Ben is eliminated from Chronos. This features the second appearance of Tempeter and Stan Li. Only Future Ben, Young Ben Tennyson and ghost of Ben.
So Dark Etoile and a Gemidite Aguas were put to a test by Stan Li. It went troublesome when Stan Li and Ben's Team gets trapped in Anur Phaeton.

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