These are Season 2 episodes

Episode Summary
Save Sora Sora is captured by Diablo, a new villain.
Copycat Ben unlocks Presto which Ben can't control cause Mayhem.
Merry Ghostfreakish Christmas!! Ghostfreak turns Christmas Town Elves into Thep Khufan (Ben unlocks Benmummy)
Rise and Falls Ben gets trapped in a tidal orbs made by Gwen after he gets shot by a neuoshock blasts.
Gwen's Romancing Mancing date Gwen and Kevin are on a date, Hex tries to absorb all Gwen's mana.
Galaxius Rex A Creature called Galaxius Rex ate up Earth leaving it in a eternal darkness.
Double Double, Oil and Trouble Ben accidentally spills some radioactive oil tank into the sea.
Powerpuffed omnitrix Ben accidentally let Diablo warp time and space causing Ben into Blossom, Gwen, into Bubbles and Kevin into Buttercup.
Stoned Medusa is bodyguard by Ben who will be captured by Vilgax.
War of Dimension X Ben and his team are teleported to Dimension X where there is a war between Ectonourites and Obscunourites. Since Ben didn't trust both of them, he attacks them instead.
Dr. Animo's Thesis Ben and Gwen are captured by Dr.Animo and uses Stranger's DNA which begin to destroy the lab.
Let there be Darkness Galaxius Rex gobbles the Earth again!

I'll add others later.

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