Create your interview here! by Wai Yen Oo111

Dave - What's your fave alien?

Ben 10 - Well, Ghostfreak for untangiblity, Fourarms and Wildvine.

Dave - We have a fanon site for you too!

Ben 10 - What you know my secret indentity?

Dave - Well?

Ben 10 (changes into Humongasaur) - You are a double agent

Dave - Well no!

Ben 10 - Thats what they say, "Well no" and bunch of lies

Dave - I've had it too!

Ben 10 (changes into Way Big) - Okay

Dave - Well then i'm out.

Create your interview here!By Brianultimatedragon

Brian-Ben Tennyson,who is your strongest enemies?

Ben 10-Vilgax,Ghostfreak and Aggregor

Brian-Do you have a girlfriend?

Ben 10-Yes,yes i am


Ben 10-Julie

Brian-oh,almost forgot!we have a wikia for you!

Ben 10-What! all of my secret in there too?


Ben 10-aw man!(transform to Way Big)Now i will crush all people who read my secret!

Brian-looks like it's hero time!(transform into Way Big and punching Ben face)

Ben 10- okay okay,i'm just joking!(transform back to human)

Brian-(Transform back to human)Alright,stay in your channel because we will back!

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