• CreeperDNA


    June 22, 2017 by CreeperDNA

    I'm going semi-inactive for personal reasons. I don't know for how long, but I'll try to visit as much as possible. I only have time to type this.

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  • CreeperDNA


    June 17, 2017 by CreeperDNA

    It's a little over my Anniversary for joining BTFF, and honestly, it's been horrible.

    All I've done is annoy and drive people to the edge. I can't do anything without making someone else hate me, and they're right to do so. I'm incapable of doing anything without copying it, my writing is absolute trash with hundreds of plot holes, people try to avoid me as much as possible, and three users voted for me to completely leave the Wikia at one point.

    People will probably post stuff like "Well change then" but I've tried. I've tried to change but it always comes back to the hated Creeper because that's who I am. It may partially be my autism, but I know others who aren't annoying at all like Sixef.

    I do live up to my username; I'm a creep, and tha…

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  • CreeperDNA

    New Series (possibly)

    April 18, 2017 by CreeperDNA

    I might (with huge emphasis on might) make a new series. It would alternate between script and paragraph format in a way that I think is creative, but to avoid spoilers, all scenes here are written in script, though the last one wouldn't if it came out. I have a teaser here.

    [The scene opens to a teen with blue, spiky hair poking a gorilla with a stick.]

    [Teen]: Who's a good Bobo?

    [Teen, narrating]: That's me. My name is Markus. And by some accident...

    [Cut to Markus poking a tied-up Galvan.]

    [Markus]: Gimme an Omnitrix. Gimme an Omnitrix. Gimme an Omnitrix.

    [Markus, narrating]: I got an implant that allowed me to turn into aliens. Sort of...

    [Cut to Markus facing a giant grasshopper on a hill.]

    [Markus]: Alright Bugso, time to taste some...

    [He turn…

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  • CreeperDNA

    My weird dream

    March 26, 2017 by CreeperDNA

    I had a really weird dream last night. All users are their avis unless stated otherwise.

    Many users are chilling out at a beach, when a red-eyed Clara (who looks like Clara Oswald) asks Rob (His Nightwing avi) to follow her somewhere. He goes with her and they end up in some kind of jungle, and Clara reveals that she's some kind of tentacle monster pretending to be Clara (like the ones in The Big Story, but tentacle-y-er). False Clara then attacks Rob, who uses the Matrix (which he somehow has) to turn into Kugelblitz and tries to fight her, but she hits him in a pressure point, which knocks him unconscious.

    Later, a false Rob asks Brandon and Dio to follow him. When Brandon asks Rob about Mack 10, and he says that he's still writing it, he …

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  • CreeperDNA

    New Series Announcment

    February 13, 2017 by CreeperDNA

    Hello everyone! I have decided to upload a series that I made in 2010/2012 and resumed in 2014, finally ceasing production in 2015.

    The series is going to be in comic style, much like EEO, and it will be called Stick Land. The first season is pretty cause on any kind of plot, but in seasons 2&3 a good storyline is established. It is about a world where everything is a Stick Figure (because that was all that I could draw att) and one such of these stickmen get an Omnitrix from a meteor. Eventually, one of their transformations go sentient, and attack. The main character isn't named for three seasons, while the sidekick is named in the season finale. Great job 2010 me.

    Additionally, I made an Undertale comic called Floweytale. This will have t…

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