It's a little over my Anniversary for joining BTFF, and honestly, it's been horrible.

All I've done is annoy and drive people to the edge. I can't do anything without making someone else hate me, and they're right to do so. I'm incapable of doing anything without copying it, my writing is absolute trash with hundreds of plot holes, people try to avoid me as much as possible, and three users voted for me to completely leave the Wikia at one point.

People will probably post stuff like "Well change then" but I've tried. I've tried to change but it always comes back to the hated Creeper because that's who I am. It may partially be my autism, but I know others who aren't annoying at all like Sixef.

I do live up to my username; I'm a creep, and that's all I'll ever be.

I'll try to change, but I've been unsuccessful and probably will always be.

Happy anniversary I guess.

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