I might (with huge emphasis on might) make a new series. It would alternate between script and paragraph format in a way that I think is creative, but to avoid spoilers, all scenes here are written in script, though the last one wouldn't if it came out. I have a teaser here.

[The scene opens to a teen with blue, spiky hair poking a gorilla with a stick.]

[Teen]: Who's a good Bobo?

[Teen, narrating]: That's me. My name is Markus. And by some accident...

[Cut to Markus poking a tied-up Galvan.]

[Markus]: Gimme an Omnitrix. Gimme an Omnitrix. Gimme an Omnitrix.

[Markus, narrating]: I got an implant that allowed me to turn into aliens. Sort of...

[Cut to Markus facing a giant grasshopper on a hill.]

[Markus]: Alright Bugso, time to taste some...

[He turns into a Pyronite/Pig hybrid]

[Hybrid]: Bac-N! Get it? I spend two hour coming up wi-

[The grasshopper slashes at Bac-N, who starts rolling down the hill.]

[Markus, narrating]: And I always save the day...sometimes accidentally....

[Cut to a Methanosian/Grass hybrid laying next to a mutant bull.]

[Hybrid]: Pearl Slam?! I haven't used this guy since I figured out that he's GOD DAMN USELESS.

[The mutant bull eats Pearl Slam, but it starts looking uncomfortable, and breaks apart in a bloody explosion.]

[Pearl Slam]: Holy...I'm using this guy more often! Eat Smokeweed and he'll make you explode! Also, screw Pearl Slam, Smokeweed is a way better name.

[Cut to Markus standing in a crater covering everywhere the eye can see. He is cuffed, with a police officer standing next to him.]

[Officer]: Blowing up all of Idaho? You're going to be in jail for a very long time.

[Markus]: Well it's funny because-

[He turns into a Citrakayah/Eagle hybrid and flies away as fast as possible.]

[Cut to Markus standing with teenage girl in a bus. She is driving.]

[Markus]: Texas?! I'm banned from Texas. And every other state except Hawaii. Wait no, Hawaii too.

See more of Markus' adventures soon, in a series that I have yet to name!

Current Aliens

  • Bac-N (1/2 Pig 1/2 Pyronite)
  • Flyby (1/2 Citrakayah 1/2 Eagle)
  • Smokeweed (1/2 Methanosian 1/2 Grass; originally called Pearl Slam)

Any idea on a name?

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