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  • I live in a room where it's nine in the afternoon
  • I was born on December 15
  • My occupation is LA Devotee
  • I am Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die
  • OmniDragon10

    OmniDragon Updates Pt. 2

    September 26, 2016 by OmniDragon10

    So, I actually hated the format of my last blog, so I'm just going to write this one out.

    So what's been going with me is pretty boring. 

    I cancelled and started a new series on UPF, drafted some epsides for The Lone Hero here, and I've officially joined the Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Wiki. 

    In real life, I've started school (like a month ago lmao), am already stressed, and I've made like five new friends.

    My weekly obsession is using Siri, and i dont know why but it's so easy omg.

    My song of the week is LA Devotee by Panic! at the Disco. The music video is creppy af but the song is good so go check it out.

    Hopefully next update is less boring, and bye!

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  • OmniDragon10

    [We open on me on a stage in a suit. The theme from The Late NIght Show plays. The audience applauses. The applause dies down.]

    [Me]: Thank you, thank you! Welcome to my first ever talk show episode! A lot has happened recently, so let me recap some of many, many, many *deep breathe* many events.

    [audience laughter]

    [Me]: So, as some of y'all that read my blog know, I came out as bisexual a few weeks ago.

    [audience applause and cheers. One boo, who is shortly taken by security]

    [Me]: Damn republicans.

    [some audience laughter, less than before, however.]

    [Me]: Ooh, less laughs there. Let me level the playing field. *clears throat* Damn Democrats

    [audience laughter.]

    [Me]: Eveybody sucks, 2016.

    [more laughter.]

    [Me]: Let's see, I also released part of …

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  • OmniDragon10

    Okay Guys

    July 28, 2016 by OmniDragon10

    This is gonna be real fast and simple. 

    No holding back.

    God, why am i doing this?

    I'm bisexual.

    I've known for a while. Ahmad and Steve know. Now y'all know.

    That's all.

    Thank y'all.

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  • OmniDragon10


    February 15, 2016 by OmniDragon10

    I know what y'all are thinking. "Dakota, you already have a blog about apoloogies!" or, more likely, "Dakota, where have you been?" or, least likely, "Dakota, what do you have to apologize for, you're perfect?", but this is a different apology. I am apologizing for being absent all this time, and for something I cringe at saying: I apologize for my noob days. The starting and forgetting of series, the lame remarks, the annoying stubborness, the lack of understanding of really anything. I wish I could take it all back. That's it. A waste of both our time. Thank you


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  • OmniDragon10

    My Block

    May 3, 2015 by OmniDragon10

    I'm having writer's block. I have all these great ideas for scenes and dialouge and then I try to write it and....... blah. So my series may go a little slower now, since I can only be on at certain times, plus I;m  a little more devoted to UPF now. Sorry. So, anyone who wants to help with any series is welcome. Thanks for your support.

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