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    October 24, 2016 by StreetMaster

    Hey guys. Let me just cut to the point so I can save you all some time. Lately, BTFF has been contributing a lot to my anxiety and its just turning me generally into a negative person. My 'pranks' are going too far nowadays. I'm generally kinda depressed because of that. I mean I feel like all I really do on BTFF now is create a chain of mistakes. I feel like I haven't been a good user in a while. I'm disappointed in my self. I can do better, I did better. But now my attitude in general is just on a steady decline. I feel like no one really likes me anymore.

    So yeah, I'll be taking a short break to get my mind off of this. I'll try to come back as a better user. As a better person. I'm not mad at any of you for calling me out on my bullshit…

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  • StreetMaster

    Yeah, so basically. I've been trying to get this off of my chest for weeks. I've tried to do it on chat, but everyone kept interrupting me. I mean, its not their fault, its main chat. But whatever.

    Basically, for a few days now. I haven't really felt nice on Btff. The only reason I still come on to this website is because I can chat with my friends here. But basically, yeah.

    I've tried to think of what to do about this. So, I'm basically gonna go over a few problems. Now, consider this, I MAY be biased or rude in some parts of my blog, so feel free to correct that. Second, this in no mean is being made to provoke more drama, spread hate or getting attention. Like I said, I just want to get this off my chest.

    The problem with me and Primal isn…

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  • StreetMaster

    So, I just had an idea a few weeks ago, and talked to a user about it, he laid out the base for me but I'm trying to make this idea a bit more sleeker, organized and accessible.

    A Binge-reading 'service'?

    Its basically gonna be inspired by everyone's favorite Netflix, its gonna be a page containing some of the best work on our wiki, so when new users do join (because the wiki just came on Spotlight),lix, they can read something. As many people know there aren't many series here, right now. At least not very succesful ones with a few exceptions like Horizons, Alan 10, Mack 10 etc. When fresh and hip people do come to this site, they'll just go away because of our depressed and anti-fanfic website. So maybe, we can attract them with some of th…

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  • StreetMaster

    Idk the title I mean I already watch TV-14 shows but I guess now I can do it legally. 

    So yeah, my birthday is tomorrow, 20th February. 

    "Happy birthday to me, I was born a tragedy, I look like a monkey and I smell like one-tee???"

    Well, okay, so it would be real cool, if you guys can show up on TEE Chat chat at today 3:00 PM-ish? I'm just gonna leave a timer.

    We can do BGO or something, just please show up.

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  • StreetMaster

    Hey it's Street. Here are the results for the Fanon Con Creative Writing Contest.

    A transformation,

    Scattered lightning, colored green,

    Shines hope in the dark.

    Color is a free verse poem.

    Green is the color of the hero.

    It signals the ability to fight,

    the power only a slap away.

    Slimy, creepy, fast and strong,

    a hero is every shape and size.

    He knows what needs to be done,

    and can get it done.

    Red is the color of powerlessness,

    but not helplessness.

    Armed with only their wits,

    one has to use their own gifts

    to get the job done.

    Time passes, and this changes from red to green.

    Yellow is the color of change,

    mostly for the better.

    It adds new power for use,

    even if it falls into disuse.

    But yellow signals new possibilities too,

    as something new can add to someth…

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