Ben was eating chilli fries suddenly Ken (from the future) appears. Ken explains that Hel is going to destroy his history. Then Gwen appears and asks Ken if he is Ben's son. Ben said that Ken is from the Future. Gwen said that she is going to the Rushmore Weaponry so she gives Ben the Cupid Bow which can make people fall in love with mechanicals. Ben accidentally fires it to Ken who fall in love with a nearby oven. Vilgax appears. He fires rockets which caused the arrows to dart in every direction causing the whole town to fall in love including Vilgax. LATER, Ben used Energybender and absorbed all the energies that the Bow radiates. Later, Ben changes into Fire Lizard and begins a duel with Vilgax. After the defeat, Ben hurries to a shop where he gives a valentine day present to Julie Yamamoto.

Aliens used



Fire Lizard


  • First appearance of Julie Yamamoto in Ulitmate Omnitrix


  • Energybender (changes into Fire Lizard) : Lets brawl
  • Vilgax: Fool!!! (Blasts laser)
  • Fire Lizard : Mum, i want to drink smoothie
  • Vilgax: Stupid Child wearing a Ultimate weapon and dreams, i mustn't stand at this foolishness
  • Fire LIzard: Ha I think again!!
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Split Second Beware!

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