It all starts off as a Normal day, with Gwendowlyn,Max,Courtney and Julie in the Watchtower. Then comes in a important message from Ultomus. He says that "Vilgax is back, and more Powerfull then--" and before he can finish, he gets thrown across the floor. Vilgax comes onto the screen and says "If you want your friends to live, then surrender and give me your Omnitrix."

After The Commericail Break. It shows Grandpa Max and Courtney calling Tetrax, asking him to "Come and help him to Fight Vilgax". Tetrax says 'He Would, But he's helping Suglite fight a battle on Petrosapia". Then Courtney calls Cooper and tells him "She needs help." Cooper said He's be happy too. Then out of No-where, Courtney here's somthing. She goes XLR8 and speeds down to the Null Void Projecter. She finds Frightwig trying to break into the Null Void Chamber. Courtney asks what she's doing. FrightWig reply's " Trying to get Acid Break and Thumbskull back, It's your fault you trapped them, and your going to pay." XLR8 Says "I don't think so". Frightwig trys to get XLR8, But fails. XLR8 Kicks her out the window.

Meanwhile, Ben is fighting Ghostfreak as Heatblast. He sets him on Fire. Then XLR8 comes and talks to Ben. She tells him how it's wired how all of a sudden all the Villains are all coming after them. Ben mentions that it's Probaly Vilgax. Then a Fire Creature comes and trys to attack them. Ben becomes BenGluto and creates a ball around the creature and it explodes.

Out of nowhere, a asteroid comes and knocks BenGluto and XLR8 into the air. A bunch of Vilgax Drones surround Ben and Courtney. Courtney switches to Upgrade and Ben to Overflow. Courtney takes Control of them, Ben Ben washes them out. Then Vilgax arrives. Courtney goes Jet Ray and Flys up to the station to call the Plumbers. She only gets to call Cooper and Alan when Vilgax comes up. He quickly destroyed the floor with Courntey. She goes flying up in the air, and a piece of rock gives her a concusion.

More Coming Soon.

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