The episode begins with attacking Vilgax's Heroes. After Latee is beating takes away all their power. Phypson, the new assistant Vilgax has a report for the Chief Villain.

"Master," said Phypson "Ben Tennyson has achieved his most sophisticated alien forms"

'Mmmmmmmm,' murmurs Vilgax while watching the planet destroyed. "I could use another visit to Earth"

"Should I prepare the transport ship?" Phypson asked.

"No, go on my ship Delta. Get ready because we are already leaving!" Vilgax answers.


In the Planet Earth ...

Ben Tennyson is next to Gwen and Kevin in Kevin's car.

"Turn off that music," said Gwen. "I can not track the Forever Knights."

"Okay Ms. Tennyson" Kevin said with an ironic tone

"Stop fighting for a second." Ben yells from the backseat of the car.

"Very well," says Gwen "Smartenhousen Avenue, near the Housing Complex Lancelot"

"Let's go there," Kevin Murmurs

Vilgax Delta falls on Kevin's car

"Friend, ..." Kevin would say something when you see Vilgax.

"Ben Tennyson, I have returned to face a vex for all. See you tomorrow at the Park" Vilgax said abandoned Earth's atmosphere.

"Dude, you have problems with Vilgax. Now with the new aliens you can confront him. But I don't allow you to overcome your aliens" Kevin tells Ben

"What hope!" Ben yells ironically


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