HEY YO!!! It's BTFF Rap battle number 1 of the first BTFF rap album! Vilgax...VS....Khyber!!!!

BTFF Rap Battles of History
Rap Album ...#1, Rap Battle......#1!!!!
Air date 1/1/12
Written by Ren
Directed by ^
Episode Guide
This is the first rap battle, yo!
Rook VS Kevin


Vilgax: It's Vilgax, conquerer of ten worlds,

While you're just the guy, called the little girl,
I've beaten ben tenneyson,
You couldn't beat a penny, son,
I think I might just conquer, this rap battle too,
And when I do, I'll just laugh at you,
You didn't fight the boy, your dog did it for you,
I bet your dog will rap against me, you're like Pewie Mc. Stew,
Predators? I use my fists!
I dominate, nothing you'll miss!
You're just about to, get me p'd!
Here's my butt, give it a kiss,
Nemetrix? You just took out Omni,
You're not a villain, you're just as random as Boby,
Huntsman? Please, you couldn't hunt my cat,
I've hunted 10 planets, so that is that,

Khyber: Please, I'm the predator of predators,

Beat you so hard, you'll end up like Cheddar(er)
Please, you been beaten by a boy more than twice,
After I beat you, this'll be the 5th time,
I got Buglizard and Crabdozer,
You got a girlfriend, pssh who even knows her?
Your planet's called Vilgaxia? Pretty lame,
What? You need a planet to remember your name?
What's your next dumb to beat Tenneyson, Vilgax?
Stop yelling at your sidekick, just take a chillax,
You think this good rapping? Just wait till I go max,
Why don't you pay for rapping against me, also pay tax,
You need your mommy, don't you? To fight your battle for you,
I just end this rap, humilate you, and smash you too,
Don't make a mistake, don't ever test me,
Don't you think you're all that, trying to best me!

Vilgax: You bore me to death, talking about beating me,

THEN DO IT!!! Don't standing there, shaking like you need to pee,
My raps are now awaken! You are very much mistaken!
And you're still doing it! Standing there shaken,
You must be mad, something must be bakin',
I DON'T CARE! I'll just get my fork and eat you like bacon!
You really suck at rap, keeping saying the same thing!
You just saty here rapping, Imma just get me chicken wings!

Khyber: I've beaten the good, the bad, you must be the ugly,

I'd try to let you beat me, but you really bore me,
Ugh, don't laugh at Tenneyson, let him teach you about fashion,
You're bad at crime, I think knitting is your passion,
Don't look at me like that, you talking squid,
You probably killed your own people, just look at what you did!
You smell like fish, you've got horrible gear,
Let's chop your head off, or maybe just your squid beard!!!

Vilgax: Uh.......

Psyphon: Let me jump in, I've had enough,

You talk about Ben Tenneyson, and all that stupid stuff,
Don't look at me like fool, I'm a great sidekick,
Your sidekick, is mutt full of fleas and ticks,
I have lazers, and everything, what do you have?
A fake Omnitrix? pssh, that makes me laugh,
I think your mutt, is the real villain,
Throw you in the dump, and rename you Dillin,
You gonna rap me? Are you willin'?
Try your hardest whil I sit here chillin,
Just sit here making predators, while I'm killin',
You can kill Tenneyson, I've already killed trillions,
I'm Donkey Kong, you just a gorilla,
You're just an ice cube, while I'm the real chilla,
Gettin' mad, Khyber? I guess I won, now,
So just pack your bags and get the      out!

Khyber: Let me take out my dog, take him for a walk,

Put on his translator, so he can talk!

Khyber's dog: (transforms)

Crabdozer: You think you're tough, beech please, I eat fire,
So don't mess with me or imma kick yo      higher! (transforms)
Buglizard: I will just claw you down, I've eaten the biggest flys,
You been beaten by a boy, we all know why! (transforms)
Slamworm: I'm like a worm/mole, eating armadillo,
Digging, eating, yah I got the skill, yo!!! (transforms)
Mucilator: I eat grasshopper, heathly food, yet I'm the fattest,
Yet when you mess with me, I'm the one who gets the maddest, (transforms)
Terroranchula: I'm the scariest, your biggest nightmare, the hugest spider,
I can slice you, chop your head off, srush you like apple cider, (transforms)
Tyrannopede: I'm like the mix, of of a centipede and T-Rex,
I've beaten dinosuars, Humungousaur, Let's see who's next!!!! (transforms)
Hypnotick: I'm the last, yes, I am very hypnotic,
Taking control, you might just think I'm phycotic,
(hypnotizes Vilgax) Vilgax, I'm your master, the dover,
Listen, you've lost, this rap battle is over!!!
Who do you think one the rap battle?

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Rap Battle #2

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    Vilgax and Khyber

    4 hours - RexTenneyson

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