Violet is the daughter of Eric & Molly Storm the two most richest people in BellWood right next to Billy Billions but unlike Billy Violet & her family care about people who don't have any so when she met Ben she knew that they would make great allies


Violet looks like a regular Necrofriggian but she has hair,same size as a regular human, & can talk & sounds like when she was still a human but she still breathes ice every time she talks


She is Kind & is the smartest kid in her class and she loves to read she even tries to make sure that Ben dosen't get in trouble she can even shown face expressions but when she see someone she loves she blushes really red like


5 years ago Violet was happy with her family after she was asleep she was kidnapped by Servantis & was taken to the Null Void. Servantis then use Kevin's powers & a Necrofriggian to create Violet's current form Violet did get well with the other kids in the null void but Violet heard what Servantis was going to do with the kids who where mutated so she found a way to leave the null void she went back she saw her parents. Violet thought they would get rid of her because she's a freak of nature but in reality her parents were crying & they hugged her they then said they don't care what she looks like they're just glade that she's save.Years later she was going to the bookstore until she saw Ben as Gravattack & Rook fighting a giant robot so she helped out after was over she want to join Ben's team because Ben & Rook fight for good so Ben & Rook decided that Violet should join cause she has a good heart.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Necrofiggin hybrid, Violet possesses powers and appearance similar to Big Chill: her wings allows her to fly, she can also breaths ice and goes through objects.Thanks her Necrofiggin DNA she can resisted the harshest of temperatures Violet has also learned how to her flying ability when she was 12 it also helps Ben's team in a scouting mission

In addition to her powers, Violet is shown to be quite skilled with computers.

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