Virginia Rivers
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Relatives Miguel Rivers (son; deceased)
Ryan Rivers (husband; deceased)
Daniel Rivers (brother-in-law)
Age 36 (in 2002)
Status Deceased
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities None
First Appearance How It All Started
Virigina Rivers is a character in the series Mig X.


She has long, brown hair and wore a red shirt and black pants. She had a visible ring on her left hand and had black slip-on shoes. She also earrings and wore red lipstick.

Powers & Abilities



Mig's mother, Virginia Rivers, is a stay-at-home mom who watches over Mig and pays the bills. She is a sensitive lady and very fearful of what might happen to Mig due to his alien DNA. When Terox broke into her house, she was instantly killed by the monster.


Mig X


  • She knew that her son had alien DNA.
  • She was killed by Terox.
  • Her birthday was December 13, 1965.
Mig X
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