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300px-Boid Full Body
Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle are intergalactic repo-men and can be summed up best in one term "Space Hillbillies" Octagon is the older, and in his humble opinion, much wiser of the two siblings. Octagon is the brains of the operations while his little but larger brother, Rhomboid "Boid" Vreedle, is definitely the muscle. Not ones to turn down an opportunity to "blow stuff up real good," the Vreedles will take on any dastardly job in the galaxy for
Oct Vreedle OV 07
the right price.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force

"The Vreedle Brothers are a pair of cloned repo men. Octagon is the older and smarter of the two Vreedle Brothers. He generally takes the lead in any situation, and is (slightly) less likely to blow things up as at first resort. (But it's usually a close second.) Rhomboid is the younger, less-intelligent of the brothers. He's slower (psysically and mentally) than Octagon, but he's a lot stronger and harder to defeat." 

John Smith 10


Galactic Battle

Distant Worlds

Phantom Watch


John Smith 10: Final Fantasy

The Vreedle Brothers appear as Turks working for Shinra.


Ryder 10

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