The scene started with a small scientist (looks a lot like Dexter) making eyes from chemicals. However, the chemical reacts with its blind eyes and turned him to Mind-Master. Mind-Master after testing out his powers, robbed Bellwood's Total Bank and accidentally found the secret plumber's base (like in Fort Knox). Mind-Master then stole the Null Void (V1) projector. Ben changes in Samurai and thwarted Mind-Master action. Ben then changes into Arcticguana and freezes Mind-Master. Ben changes into Angelhands and attacked Mind-Master. Mind-Master then shot a hypnoray onto Angelhands, who fall asleep. Can Gwen and Kevin stopped Mind-Master while Ben is sleeping?

Aliens used

  • Teleportal
  • Samurai
  • Arcticguana
  • Angelhands


  • It is found that Angelhands wings are bigger than Big Chill.
  • Gwen changes back to her normal blue outfit.
  • Samurai's Omnitrix symbol is on its belt.

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